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Wank Mates, Wank Buddies

Have you noticed how its becoming harder and harder meeting new people out and about these days? Sadly most people find that pretty much all socialising these days seems to be done online! Even then its a minefield full of sites some genuine, others not so and then there is the general public, some time wasters, fantasists or plain and simply catfishes! There’s allot of fake profiles and allot of people out there set to waste your time, but these are the ones mainly on sites where members are either seeking love or money! Here at Wank our members are only seeking FUN! Just plain and simple, uncomplicated, straight forward and discreet fun! No time wasters, No fake profiles, no false promises.

Here at Wank Mates we welcome all adults whether gay, straight, bisexual and bi curious seeking various levels of playmates. Whether it’s online only cam play. Group sessions no contact, group sessions hand only contact, oral only one way, oral only both ways, full interaction both ways ect.. you get the picture! When you sign up you can select your level of playmate you are seeking. EVERYTHING IS KEPT SIMPLE AND CLEAR. Most of our members are FULLY VERIFIED MEMBERS. You can even rate your wank mates so others know they are genuine.

I’m Straight, Can I have a Wank Mate?

I’m Married, Is it Cheating?

Your Straight? Yes that’s right. Many straight men enjoy meeting up with other straight wank mates. Some enjoy watching porn and wanking together, whilst others enjoy giving and receiving hand jobs and even giving and receiving oral. You may be married and love your wife but the sex has fizzled out. Meeting up with a wank mate discreetly without having romantic relations with a woman ( which would be considered having an affair ) would be a great way to remain faithful whilst fulfilling that need with a wank buddy, many of our members here feel that way.